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Posted by on Apr 3, 2014 in Blog, King County, Urban Rides | 0 comments

Theo’s Gets You Up the Hill


Found myself in the squall today, after heading out for meetings and errands on my bike. I had my rain gear in the pannier (recommended at this time of year!) so it wasn’t a big deal to be wet. But by the time I was on my way home, my energy had waned like a headlight with low batteries.

Fortunately, my route home takes me through Fremont, along the Burke-Gilman Trail that goes right by the Theo Chocolate Factory. I decided to stop.

Wise choice!

First I hit the coffee pot back in the corner for a self-serve tiny cup of Theo’s house blend made by the fantastic Caffe Vita. Warm caffeine, is there anything better?

Oh yes, the chocolate. Theo’s is so generous with their excellent product. Each colorful shelf of bars has a plastic tasting box full of nibbles. You can literally eat your way around the store. With each bite, washed down by a bit of vitalizing Vita, I found myself feeling drier and warmer.

Bars for the Cause

Theo’s is not just the mecca of chocolate in the city (U.S.? world?), it is also a company with heart and commitment. You see it every time you go there. Right now they have two chocolate bars that support Congolese chocolate and coffee farmers, who have been through years of strife due to conflict and violence. Their 45% chocolate bar with cream melts in your mouth, and the vanilla nib bar is truly unique. You will swear off Nestle forever.

Theo’s has long been supporting a bike-related program to help African farmers. The campaign supports World Bicycle Relief, and it does it with a tasty, 70% dark chocolate bar infused with sea salt. Sea salt in desserts can be overdone, but to my palate, this is a perfect combination.

Bike hauling beans

A Theo’s display that shows how bikes help farmers get their beans to market.

Power of Bicycles

Joe Whinney, Theo CEO and founder, says this about the WBR partnership:

“We are partnering with World Bicycle Relief to advance our mutual efforts to create economic and educational opportunities in African communities. WBR’s programs align beautifully with Theo’s own in that they emphasize cultivation and support of sustainable livelihoods for people. At Theo, we believe this is the most impactful way to effect positive, long-term change.”

Do you need any more reason to go shop at Theo’s, and support great causes while enjoying fantastic chocolate?

Oh, yeah. You might find yourself on a ride in a chilly spring rain. Get in there to boost your energy. It got me back on the trail. I even chose the tougher route with the climb, and still had energy to wipe down my bike when I got home.

Bike sculptures

Want to do more to support World Bicycle Relief? Buy one of these bike sculptures, also for sale at Theo’s.

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