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Posted by on Jun 24, 2014 in Adventure Cycling, Blog, Cycling Routes, Rural Rides, Washington | 0 comments

New State Bike Route Designation, Tour Book

Have you heard of USBR 10? It’s a  popular bicycling route across Washington state that recently has been granted a designation as part of the U.S. Bicycle Route System.


The designation was championed by Washington Bikes (formerly the Bicycle Alliance of Washington). Hopefully it will add to wayfinding signage for long-distance cyclists, and attract more two-wheeled tourists to our beautiful region. And support a lot of great Washington communities along the way.

The route is part of the national network of routes used by the Adventure Cycling Association, their members and people who buy their maps.  It’s part of the Northern Tier, a trek that takes riders from Anacortes, Washington to  Bar Harbor, Maine. The Washington section, designated BR 10, will guide riders from Anacortes (our gateway city to the San Juan Islands) across the state to Sand Point, Idaho. It takes you through North  Cascades National Park and through great Eastern Washington towns like Winthrop and Twisp.

To get the designation, WA Bikes lobbied the American Association of State and Highway Transportation Officials and worked with our state Department of Transportation to make it happen. More such routes are in the works.

Along with this significant effort, WA Bikes has published a guidebook to rides around the state. Called Cycling Sojourner, it showcases a number of their writers’ favorite rides. It’s available from their website or their store in Pioneer Square, and sales help support the non-profit organization’s work.

USBR 10:

Northern Tier route:

Cycling Sojourner book:

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