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Posted by on May 4, 2015 in Events, King County, Urban Rides | 0 comments

Joining the Cycling Hive at Pedaler’s Fair

What is it about bikes and bees that go so well together? My closest encounter involving a stinging insect was when one got caught under my helmet strap on the I-90 Trail out by Issaquah a few years ago. I am proud to say I kept the bike upright during my flailing.

No such problem at Pedaler’s Fair last Saturday, although the buzzing honey-maker was much in evidence. OK, virtually. Exhibits 1, 2 and 3: a bike manufacturer whose motto is “visit the hive,” a milliner with a honeybee logo, and a company that delivers its honey by bike.

But that wasn’t all to buzz about. It was a fun day checking out many “made in Seattle” bicycling products, from panniers to hats to bottle-openers to fender wraps, and cycling-related services, from bike-focused welding to yoga.

Here are some photos from the day:


The Russian Community Center, site of the Pedaler’s Fair.

Bombus Bikes

Bombus Bikes. Yep, that’s Latin for bumblebee.

Honeybee Cycling Co.

Honeybee Cycling – hats for the cycling apiarian.

Urban Bee Co.

Urban Bee Co. – tending hives and delivering honey by bike.

Misery Loves Co.

Misery Loves Co., with proprietor in a nearly bee shirt. And bike bags and reversible frame wraps.

Red Boots Design

Red Boots Design. Nice bottle openers! And hand-drawn t-shirts.

Crowd scene

Donkeylope Bikes

Donkeylope Bikes, down from Bellingham.

Haulin Colin

Haulin’ Colin, on right, and mates. They weld. In Georgetown.

Monster Bike Hats

Monster Bike Hats. They rock hard.

Bike rack outside

Bike rack with an almost bee-themed bike. Bikes kept safe by BikeWorks, of course.

Thanks to everyone who came to my talk about the new edition of Biking Puget Sound, and who bought the book! And also to Jason and the great folks at Swift Industries, the pannier-devising dervishes who make the Pedaler’s Fair happen.

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