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Posted by on Apr 28, 2015 in Blog, Cycling Routes, Events, Island Rides, Rural Rides, San Juan County | 0 comments

Island Fun on Tour de Lopez

A misty morning did not dampen enthusiasm for an island ride, as nearly 1,000 people took to two wheels for Tour de Lopez last Saturday, April 25. A 31-mile ride that explored the island top to bottom, and shorter rides that looped back to the village, offered pedals on the quiet roads for people of all ages and abilities.

Here are scenes from the day.

An open road, albeit a pretty good climb, greeted cyclists landing at Lopez.

An open road, albeit a pretty good climb, greeted cyclists landing at Lopez.

Welcome sign

At the top of the hill from the ferry, Odlin Park was one starting point for the ride.

Village Cycles Lopez Island

The well-stocked Village Cycles has gear and bikes for everyone, even a very young cyclist in pink mud boots. Their quick repairs kept people on the road.

Bicycle and sign

Colorful recycled bicycles with directional signs pointed the way around the route.

Land Trust

A rest stop staffed by the Lopez Island Land Trust gave out information as well as snacks.

Rolling hills

Plenty of rolling hills but few big climbs were tackled on the Tour de Lopez route.

Grange Hall

Skirts, colorful socks and other interesting garb was on display at the Grange Hall rest stop.

Tandem duo

This tandem duo were on a livestock tour, here viewing sheep and goats along Davis Bay Road.

Happy cyclists

Once the day dried out a bit, you saw a lot of smiles on the faces of country cyclists.

Farm valley

Blue sky made an appearance by mid-morning, making those cross-valley climbs more pleasant.

Father and son

Spotting birds along the wet fields on Davis Bay Road made this father and son all smiles.

Lilacs at Center Church

Cyclists had time to stop and smell the lilacs along the route.

Center Church window

Cyclists can be seen through the window from historic Center Church, one of the island’s top points of interest.

Fisherman's Bay

On the home stretch, cyclists headed north along Fisherman’s Bay.

Pallet bike racks

Master recyclers at work: wooden shipping pallets serve as excellent bike racks.

Father and sons

This father and sons relaxed into a family heap after the ride.

Finish line festival

The finish line festival included an excellent grilled lunch, live music and a lively beer garden.

Ferry approaching

The ferry approaches Lopez to whisk cyclists back to the mainland.

Cycling dogs

Cyclists and dogs headed off island after the weekend ride.

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