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Posted by on Feb 22, 2015 in Blog, Cycling Routes, Events, Kitsap County, Pacific Northwest, Suburban Rides | 0 comments

Chilly Hilly Photo Tour

If you weren’t among the nearly 5,000 who rode the Cascade Bicycle Club’s Chilly Hilly event today, here are some photos from the 33-mile ride that loops Bainbridge Island. And it wasn’t all just cycling. There was camaraderie, entertainment from people on interesting bikes, homemade snack food, and tourist diversions.

If it looks like fun, you can do it on your own: Biking Puget Sound (the book) offers virtually the same ride.

Loading in Seattle

Starting the day in a crowd, at Seattle’s Coleman Dock, queueing up for the ferry ride to Bainbridge Island. The sunny 8:45 a.m. departure was 90% bikes.

Boarding in Seattle

After five minutes of slow-walking the bike at Seattle’s Coleman Dock, finally, we get to board the big ferry to Bainbridge.

Schwinn Deluxe Twinn

A mother and child ride their 1968 Schwinn Deluxe Twinn (and the child is a twin) on the Chilly Hilly.

Offloading Bainbridge

“Ride into the light” — offloading at Bainbridge Island to start the Chilly Hilly.


Cycling by Classic Cycles in Winslow, a bike shop with a very cool bicycle museum.


Two unicyclists joined the ride. They said those things go great in snow, too.


in the long porta-potty line, plenty of time to consider the “Ride More, Worry Less” slogan of Phil’s South Side Cyclery in Federal Way.

Girl Scouts

The Girl Scouts were giving away fresh, homemade baked goods at the midpoint rest stop — donations appreciated.

Spinnin Nuun

Rockin’ the midpoint stop was a deejay for Nuun, the locally made electrolyte tablets. Recommended!

Internment memorial

The memorial to Japanese and Japanese-Americans who were interned in World War II, at Joel Pritchard Park on Eagle Harbor.

bike rack

Excellent bike rack at the internment memorial in Pritchard Park.


A small, privately built park in the Hall’s Hill area of Bainbridge included this stunning stone labyrinth.

Baker Hill

The day’s biggest climb: Baker Hill.

Baker Hill

A look back down Baker Hill from the false top reveals lots of open mouths, and a few walkers. A prodigious climb.

Bike for Pie

Bike for Pie,” the Squeaky Wheels group’s summer fundraiser, was advertised on the route.

Lynwood Center

Regrouping at Lynwood Center, with the bakery behind us and a nice bicycle sculpture at the turn in the road.

A character from the Viking Tour, a bike ride in Poulsbo on May 17.

A character from the Viking Tour, a bike ride in Poulsbo on May 17.

Ferry Line Home

A long line of bicyclists waited for the ferry home to Seattle in the early afternoon.

Ferry home

A view of Seattle from the ferry deck.

offloading Seattle

Almost home – offloading the ferry in Seattle.

Thanks to Cascade Bicycle Club staff and volunteers, and all the volunteers for the other organizations who helped out, served up great food, and shared the details of their upcoming events. And most of all, thanks to the people (and car drivers) of Bainbridge Island, who welcomed us to their roads for a great day!

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