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Posted by on Apr 1, 2013 in Blog, Events | 0 comments

Bike Every Day in April

Are you looking for a spring challenge? How about “30 Days of Biking.”

That’s a contest, of sorts, being promoted by the Bicycle Alliance of Washington, and it starts today. No April foolin.’

Now in its fourth year internationally, this is a pledge-based participation contest that asks people to commit to riding their bike once a day through April. There were only 2,734 people taking part when I signed on today, but they’re from all over the world. A cool map shows dots for each cyclist. There’s a dot in Seengal; a few in Cambridge, England; at least one in Okoyama, Japan, another in Calgary, Alberta; and quite a few in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

BAW offers some ideas to make it work for you:  Run your errands. Ride somewhere you haven’t been before. Use it as a warmup for Bike to Work Month, which in case you’ve never done it, is May.

Pam on SUB

A friend gets four bags of groceries and a 12-pack of Fat Tire Ale on the back of her “SUB” – sport utility bike.

How about this: Bike through the University of Washington campus to the incredible Yoshino cherry trees now in amazing bloom.

UW cherry trees

My wife Susie and her sister Connie joined me on a ride to the UW yesterday.

There are plenty of organized rides to lure you, too. Head out to Tacoma for the Daffodil Classic, or to the San Juan Islands for the Tour de Lopez, or to the Skagit Valley for the Tulip Pedal! Lots of fun organized rides, including free rides daily from the Cascade Bicycle Club. And check back here often, because I’ll be posting more ideas as the month goes on.

Having trouble keeping to the pledge? Just get the bike out of the garage and ride up your street for five minutes, turn around and ride back. At least you’ll be doing something, and you will be joining hands with cyclists in Senegal and Japan and, yes, the Twin Cities.


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