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Posted by on Dec 18, 2014 in Cycling Routes, Events, Rural Rides, Suburban Rides, Urban Rides | 0 comments

8 Donations for Better Bicycling

In this season of giving, we’re asked by many worthy causes for a bit of our disposable income. I think it’s a better use for it than a disposable holiday bauble, and if we give in the name of a friend, our money does double-duty.

So here’s my list of eight bicycling organizations that deserve your support:

1. World Bicyle Relief. They empower people in Africa with bicycle transportation, and have put an astonishing 222,000 bikes in the field so far.

2. Washington Bikes. They advocate for bicyclists in both Washingtons, seeking better infrastructure, laws and regulations. They recently crowed victory when the federal budget bill included a directive for the Department of Transportation to develop “non-motorized safety performance measure” that states will use to report their efforts to reduce biking and walking fatalities.

3. Rails to Trails Conservancy. Helping turn old rail lines into trails, this organization has a vision that “90 percent of Americans will live within three miles of a trail system by 2020.”

4. People for Bikes. They invest in community bicycling projects and work with other organizations in a coalition to magnify bike issues in policy and government arenas.

5. Bike Works. This Rainier Valley non-profit lets kids earn a bike by fixing it up. Besides making biking affordable to more youth, they do a lot of education. They will take your donated bike as well as your dollars.

6. Cascade Bicycle Club. One of the largest cycling clubs in the nation, Cascade has a large platform to advocate for better bicycling infrastructure in the Seattle area. They also offer daily free rides and lots of education.

7. Alleycat Acres. This group builds and operates community gardens in a bicycle-centric way. For instance, excess produce from their urban farms gets delivered to food banks by bike.

8. Adventure Cycling Association. A national organization that advocates for long-range bicycle touring, ACA also publishes maps that will guide your biking adventure.

At this giving time of year, they’re all running end-of-year donation specials. Some have pledges of matching gifts, so your dollar will go farther. Others offer donation premiums, like a beanie or a scarf. Go and give. Next time you hop in the saddle, you’ll ride faster.


Image from People for Bikes.

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